Take advantage of YEWtrading's promotions Would you like to take advantage of this campaign?

YEWtrading's promotions are a useful benefit that anyone can take advantage of.

Campaign information

※Some campaigns may have an expiration date or limit.

  • Referral Bonus

    Refer a friend or acquaintance and get permanent cash back on your referral transactions!
  • Platinum Bonus

    If you deposit $100,000 at one time, you will be ranked Platinum! Many other benefits are available.

  • New Account Opening Bonus

    A 50$ bonus will be given on your first deposit. Trading profits can be withdrawn (only for the first account opened).

  • Fund Boost Bonus

    5% bonus will be given for each deposit of 2000$ or more! (Fractions of 100$ are not eligible for this bonus)

  • Exclusive 100% Bonus

    We will give you a 100% bonus on your deposit amount. (The bonus will be equal to the amount of your deposit until you reach 300$)

Seasonal campaign

※dates and details will be announced in the news

  • Spring Super Funds Boost Campaign

    No upper limit! We will give you an unlimited 5% bonus on all deposits made during this period! (rounded down to the nearest $1)
  • Summer Silver Campaign

    Deposit $10,000 at one time and get Silver rank! Cash back the same amount of withdrawal fees during the year with bonus! No actual fees!

  • Autumn Lottery!

    The lottery will be held for each 1000$ deposited during the period! Winners will receive a wonderful gift.

  • Winter 100% Bonus

    We will give you a 100% bonus on your first deposit during this period. (Fractions of $100 will be rounded down, up to a maximum of $500.)